100 by Neil Monaghan

This past term I had the joy of being part of the cast of 100 by Neil Monaghan, as The Guide. The play centres around the afterlives of four characters; Alex (Ellliott McDowell), Nia (Hannah Dunlop), Ketu (Chavonne Brown) and Sophie (Sophie MacDonald). The characters find themselves in a mysterious void, and are informed by the equally enigmatic Guide that they must choose one memory from their lives in which to spend eternity.

100 3

100 was a really thought provoking piece of theatre and it made the rehearsal process all the more demanding. Connor and Euan (co-directors) were brilliant as they were able to get all of us to understand the deep, and at times unsettling emotions of the characters. I found becoming The Guide a difficult journey but one that could not have been achieved without the support and encouragement of the cast as well as Euan and Connor. The Guide was a difficult role, as whilst commanding the stage and demonstrating such grand authority of the void, there was this unshakable emotional fragility about the character. This dichotomy made The Guide one of the best parts I have ever played.  I loved every minute of rehearsals, and I have so many fond memories, as cast grew closer and closer over the 7 weeks.

100 1

By the time the show arrived, we were prepared! Connor and Euan were a calming presence, and all we wanted to do was make them proud. I cannot stress enough what a brilliant pairing these two are; their vision, their commitment, but most of all their friendship makes these guys brilliant directors. The show itself went from strength to strength each night, with each member of the cast doing a wonderful job. There were certain moments throughout the piece that I could see really struck the audience, and to trigger such a reaction showed that all our hard work had paid off. I am going to miss everyone involved in 100, from cast to the crew. I am immensely proud of the show and cherish the time spent together, whether it be in rehearsals or late nights playing Quiplash.

I am forever grateful to Euan and Connor for allowing me to be part of this experience, and all I ask is that if you are reading this, try and think of your memory… it isn’t easy!

By James Harrington, President of 3BUGS Fringe Theatre & The Guide (100)


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