Psyche – Showtime.

Psyche, 3BUGS’ first show of semester two, was such an incredible experience to be a part of. From the first moment the team proposed their fairy tale production of love, pride, dance and magic, I was completely enthralled. I went to auditions having not looked at the character descriptions but when I first read for the part of Venus I had an instant connection this most bitter and sassy character. I was absolutely thrilled to get the part.

Working with the team over the next few months was some of the most fun I’ve had at university, but before long, the show was upon us. After some incredibly intense rehearsals before second semester had even begun, and battling through a nasty throat infection a matter of days before the run was about to start, we eventually began to perform the show to sold out audiences.

The feedback we had from those who came to see the shows was truly heart-warming, with many audience members saying it was their favourite thing they had seen at the Guild. All four of our performances seemed to go down really well, and I can honestly say it’s some of the most fun I’ve had since coming to university, let alone what I’ve done at the Guild.

I also hope it will be able to pave the way for more physical theatre to be performed through drama societies at the Guild. I hope that people who watched it were inspired to create their own theatre, physical or otherwise, completely new or inspired by a new take on something old. I hope they fell in love with the story of Psyche as we did while performing. Most of all, I hope they fell in love with the magic of storytelling as we did whilst devising, changing, building on and reworking the script until we got the beautiful and charming piece of theatre which is pictured here.

Rosie Solomon, Venus and 3BUGS Secretary 2016-17.



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